With the objective of creating new forms of contemporany flamenco and not just a “fusion” spectacle, the starting point of 4haikus was contextualizing the sonorities of flamenco into not so traditional or easy listening ones.

Using the tremendous atraction of flamenco and the total abstraction of sound art, we have created four sketches (the four haikus) surrounded by solo interludes.

4haikus was born from many conversations held by Jose Maria and Enrique Tomas about aplying the gestuality of the flamenco and the inherent plastic expressivity of its dance to a field where they work usually: sound art.
Each one of the haikus, short forms of writing able to condense a thought in a few words, have been adapted by “El Gamba”, in an instintive and genial way that are sung using the palos of tientos, alegria, trilla and buleria.

In the music of 4haikus, composed and directed by Perez-Flor and Tomas in collaboration with the guitarrist Jose Torres, one can not find the borders between flamenco and electronic music. Even more, the computer acompanies to the “toque” creating a new universe of sounds where both software and the guitarrist react at the same level.
Continuing with the same artistic idea, the choreography by Noemi Martinez Chico varies among dancing, performance and artistic objects. In her solo interlude, her movement is sound. And that sound is created through generative procedurs depending on her gestures, avoiding any posible preparation: listening, dancing and the generation of sounds come from the same matter.

Finally, the interactive visuals by Juan Dominguez are conceived from the prerequisite of connecting sonic and graphical gestures to the limit. Visuals dont act only as a scenography but as a complementary energy to the sensations produced by the sounds and music of 4haikus.

Download here

Direction and sound creation: Jose María Pérez-Flor y Enrique Tomás
Dance: Noemi Martínez Chico
Guitar and music composition: José Torres
Cante: David Morán “El Gamba”
Visuals: Juan Domínguez
Lighting: Pablo Pujol

supported by CICUS


Contact us:

España:   José María Pérez-Flor jomatec@gmail.com

+34 653963898

International:   Enrique Tomás ultranoise.es@gmail.com

+43 6642076329


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